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Jean Smullen reviews Australian wines 2016 Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc and 2013 Cono Sur Reserve Especial Pinot Noir

In honour of Australia Day, we are featuring an Aussie Sauvignon Blanc. We’re also going to look at Pinot Noir from Chile. In country of origin terms on the wine market in Ireland, Chile & Australia account for 43% of all wine sales here in Ireland. The Irish wine drink’s love affair with both countries continues unabated!

2016 Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc €10.99
Stockists: Widely available from off-licences nationwide, especially NOFFLA off-licences: Higgin’s of Clonskeagh, Dublin; Corks of Terenure, Dublin; Mitchell & Son, Dublin; Redmonds of Ranelagh, Dublin; Ardkeen Stores, Waterford; Bradley’s of Cork; and many others nationwide.

We’re going to the Murray Darling region in Victoria for this wine. The Mildura region was transformed from an arid, scrubby, no man's land, to an agricultural oasis in the 1880's. Alfred Deakin, a former Prime Minister of Australia, encouraged California's Chaffey Brothers to bring their irrigation expertise to the vast inland valley of the Murray River in North West Victoria.Since then the region has become one of Australia's most productive and prosperous sources of high quality produce including citrus, olives, almonds and grapes.

The Deakin Estate property and its wines are named in honour of Alfred Deakin. The vineyard and winery are located near in North West Victoria. They have 217 hectares under vine. Sauvignon Blanc is not a main stream grape in Australia accounting for approximately 5% of their total production. This wine was was cold fermented which means it does not have the typically grassy aromatic aromas, it tends to be more muted in style. However, it is very fruit forward and quite soft with enough acidity to give it a bit of umph! A perfect match with Thai style Prawn Curry.

2013 Cono Sur Reserve Especial Pinot Noir €14.99
Stockists: O’Brien’s, nationwide; Joyce’s of Galway; Bradley’s of Cork; Morton’s of Galway

Chilean Pinot Noir is a rising star, particularly when the grapes are grown in Casablanca Valley which is where the grapes in this wine are from. Chilean Pinot Noir is giving Burgundy a run for its money. The Chileans are making their wines in the Burgundian style which is restrained and edgy. This wine was aged for 10 months in oak barrels. The soil in Casablanca is idea for the production of this grape, it has sand and clay which means low water retention, perfect for Pinot!

Made from 100% Pinot Noir this wine has lovely red summer fruit aromas of cherry, raspberry. It has a lovely structure with a good juicy finish. Perfect for with red meats, or any sort of game such as venison.

Chile has a lot going for it it is the Number 1 producer of premium, sustainable wines from the New World, there are 62 vineyards in adherence with the Sustainability Code of Wines of Chile, which means 70% of bottled export wines have this certification and Cono Sur has long been one of the key wineries in this regard.

In January 2011 Chile launched its sustainability code. The objective is to maintain the sustainable production of wine in a way that best helps the environment. The code of practice is rigorous and is carefully implemented in Chile. In a way in wine production terms Chile is one of the most environmentally ethical producing countries in the wine world. Being conscious of the effect that winemaking has on the environment is why many vineyards have incorporated the Viniculture Sustainability Code in their processes, in order to diminish the potential environmental risks.

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