MOVIES & BOOZE: Some wines for your weekend

Tomas Clancy, reviews Cave de Lugny, Les Charmes, AC Macon-Lugny 2010 and a Peroni spritz cocktail

Cave de Lugny, Les Charmes, AC Macon-Lugny 2010

Pricing: around €18

Available: from selected Independent Off Licences and Wine Shops nationwide including Redmonds of Ranelagh; Jus du Vin, Portmarnock; Fresh Stores; O’Donovans in Cork and Sweeneys of Harts Corner, Glasnevin, Dublin.

The entire foundations of Burgundy as a great wine and an important cultural region is down to the Monastic Order of the Benedictines setting up their l headquarters in Cluny in the Macon region. The Abbey of Cluny grew to control a vast network of Benedictine Abbeys across the known world and the Basilica within the Abbey at Cluny was the largest church in the world until St Peter’s was constructed in the Vatican.

Along and through this vast network, viness which were planted and over centuries the best sites identified across Burgundy by the Order. Modern viticulture began here in Macon.

The little village of Chardonnay is just to the north of the equally small sized Lugny, so they believe they know more about Chardonnay than anyone else on the planet.

The grapes here are from a single vineyard the substantial plateau, Les Charmes composed of chalky light soils and limestone, ideal for Chardonnay and in particular the older, 40 Year Old vines here.

The wine is left on its lees for around 12 months tp extract a full bodied flavour which we feel as toasty, buttery and light hazelnut mid palate that some people associate with oak, but is not necessarily the case, and not here. A delicious citric rush combined with lifting white floral notes completes a fine bright summer wine

Peroni Spritz Cocktail ( Prosecco, Aperol and Peroni )

Pricing: Prosecco around €11 to €15; Aperol Aperitif €18.99; Peroni Nastro Azzuro €2

Available: from Independent Off Licences, Supermarkets and Wine Shops nationwide

No one could get bored with Prosecco, it is our leading sparkling wine driven not least by its very appealing prices. There are two basic types or levels, Frizzante, the lighter sparkling option, with lower fizz and Spumante the higher more sprightly version. Made from the Glera grape, which has now actually been renamed the Prosecco Varietal it screams summer, but of these days we seek it out steadily all year round.

Today we offer a rather brilliant variation on straight Prosecco, a richly detailed and rather beautiful cocktail that also is a large step up from a Mimosa, the often bland pouring in of a bit of orange juice into a Prosecco.

This is a very easy to make, but hugely impressive cocktail that has two key ingredients in it that lifts it to another taste level. Firstly is the use of a light, toasty fruity and refreshing Italian beer, Peroni Nastro Azzurro keeping the cocktail fully Italian. This gives a base richness without cloying sweetness and is picked up by the use of Aperol the Italian bitter orange aperitif. The Prosecco piercing vivacity and then, the pink grape fruit brings the amber pink colour.

Ingredients - Peroni Spritz
35 ml – Aperol
50 ml – Pink Grape Fruit Juice
100ml Peroni
50ml – Prosecco

Method: This is a stirred not shaken mix, with the Peroni and Prosecco shaking would potentially cause an excess of froth when what we are looking for a is a long cooling and invigorating amber drink. Serve packed with ice for total sunshine adoring refreshment.