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Sarina Bellissimo reviews Incredibles 2 and Lost and Found

Incredibles 2

After 14 years, the sequel to the very popular The Incredibles is here and it is simply known as “Incredibles 2”.

Even though it has been 14 years, it is like no time has passed as this movie picks up right where the first one left off. The family are facing the consequences of the destruction they left behind after saving the world from the Underminer. As a result, they, and all other super heroes have been outlawed. However, a very rich brother and sister duo Winston (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener) believe that the world needs superheroes so they make it their mission to change the perception of them. The Deavors call upon the Incredibles, but instead of getting Mr Incredible to save the day, they turn to Elastigirl (Holly Hunter). While Elastigirl is doing her job, Bob’s (Craig T. Nelson) job is to keep the family going and to try and manage baby Jack Jack’s new found super powers. However, when the villainous “Screen Saver” gets out of control, it is up to the family, and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) to work together to end the Screen Slaver’s reign. Can they do it or will the Screen Slaver reigh supreme?

“Incredibles 2” has broken many records worldwide. In the US alone, it has already taken in just over half a billion dollars, has become the most successful animated feature to date and is now America’s eleventh highest grossing film of all time.

This is a fun film with plenty of action and colour. The villain is not a strong one but the superheroes are so over the top and fabulous that this can be overlooked. What can’t be is the running time. At 118 minutes, it is far too long and as a result can feel quite self indulgent at times. That said, the wide range of fun and fabulous characters, and the final action sequence makes up for it – totally engrossing and enjoyable.

In true Disney style, this film has many messages you can take from it - the acknowledgement that trying to juggle the every day things that come with parenting can be a super feat in itself; how important it is to find your own tribe; and that being different and being yourself is your own super power.

Director Brad Bird is not committing to a 3rd film, yet, but I have no doubt that there will be another “Incredibles” and we won’t have to wait another 14 years for it!


Lost and Found

Sometimes we go to the cinema to reconnect with friends and have a laugh while seeing what we know reflected on the screen. This is the feeling you have when watching “Lost and Found”.

It’s a refreshingly quirky Irish story that we don’t always see on screen. It is dotted with the many characters you come across in Ireland and embraces the small town feel it has.

Initially set in the lost and found portacabin of the Portarlington train station, “Lost and Found” is a film of seven short stories that are linked together by the main character Daniel (Liam O Mochain – also the writer and director of this film). The film touches on subjects you aren’t surprised about such as love, friendship, family; but also goes to places you never see coming, like the Holocaust.

“Lost and Found” may not translate well overseas but film doesn’t always have to. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a film that you can relate to. A story where you can look at and recognise parts of you, or people you know, up on screen. A story that won’t change your world but it will leave you with a smile on your face as you’ve spent 90 minutes in the company of some of your mates/acquaintances.