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Esther McCarthy reviews Dublin Oldschool and Sicario 2

Dublin Oldschool (16) ****


Jason is played by Emmet Kirwan, on whose hit play the film is based and who also co-wrote the script with director Dave Tynan. He’s a smart-talking, popular record shop-worker who’s trying to hone a career as a DJ, which would fit his lifestyle perfectly. The trouble is, Jason’s getting too fond of ketamine and it’s impacting on some of his relationships. 


But the irony is lost on him when he first runs into his estranged brother Daniel (Anderson), a heroin user who has ended up homeless. Over one raucous weekend in the city, they aim to resolve their differences.


Dublin Oldschool is not perfect  -  the storytelling wobbles at times, while some of the supporting characters don’t feel fully formed. But it brilliantly captures the humour and verve of Dublin and some of its characters, and the story of two brothers in conflict feels authentic and true. Anderson lost more than two stone to play a heroin user and delivers an outstanding performance in this movie, which stomps along to a great soundtrack. 


Sicario 2 (15A) *** 


Returning screenwriter Taylor Sheridan fashions a good yarn  -  and brings back Del Toro and Brolin  -  in this gritty thriller, set mostly at night along the Mexican border. 


Where the cartels used to deal mainly in drugs, now people are the commodity. Brolin’s CIA operative Matt Graver has been given the green light from the government to clean up the mess by starting a cartel war between rival gangs with the intention of them taking out each other. 


Graver tasks the effective but unpredictable Alejandro (Del Toro - excellent) with cleaning up the mess by whatever dirty means necessary. 


The plot, revolving around the kidnapping of the feisty daughter of a major drugs lord, builds into something even more urgent in this tale of conflict and lawlessness.