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Jean Smullen reviews Pink Elephant Rosé Frizzante and 2016 Fincas Las Moras LOVE

Two brand new wines to high the market this week,  the first from  Spain is a Rose Frizzante which is perfect for summer driving.  Then we’re feeling the LOVE from Argentina, a premium Malbec from the same people who brought you DADA, the wine which now has a cult following.

Pink Elephant Rosé Frizzante €9.00

Stockists:  New to market, widely available in supermarkets such as Dunnes Stores and SuperValu Nationwide

Pink Elephant Frizzante ticks all the boxes this summer.  A Rosé sparkling wine with a light sparkle it has an ABV of 10.5% which is perfect for those watching their alcohol intake.

Pink Elephant Rosé is made from 100% Tempranillo produced by Felix Solis, one of Spain’s top wineries in La Mancha.   Pink Elephant Rosé is ideal with spicy food, especially Asian cuisine and exotic fusion dishes.   Overflowing with berry flavours. Pink Elephant Sparkling Frizzante is off dry with lots of ripe summer fruit  flavours.

They also sponsor of Elephant Family a small dynamic charity on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. They  look out for both elephants and human families, funding pioneering solutions such as elephant corridors.  More info:

2016 Fincas Las Moras LOVE  €15.00

Stockists:  Brand new to market will be on opening offer of €12.00

Watch out for this on your shelves in the coming weeks.  Just landed in Ireland the Fincas Las Moras LOVE is a concept wine from Argentina.   This is from the same company who produce DADA the very popular Argentine blend of Malbec and Bonarda which was launched a few years ago and is not SO popular.

LOVE is a premium Malbec from Argentina,  the wine is oak aged for 9 months.  From the region of San Juan, Argentina’s second largest wine region.

The fruit for this Malbec is sourced in Tulum and Pedernal Valley in San Juan.  This is a very good quality Malbec.

Argetnine Malbec ticks all the boxes at the moment.   It is probably one of the most popular and sought after red wine styles on our shelves at the moment.  If you like to eat meat, then this is the wine to go for to match with your lovely juicy sirloin steak.  If you are barbequing this summer then watch out for this wine.  The launch price is €12.00 which is brilliant value as this is a more serious Malbec and not the common or garden variety. Definitely one to watch!!

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