Long goodbye: Does your device run Windows 7? Microsoft says it's time to move on

Security issues with the software have been raised by the tech firm...

It took the world a while to understand and digest "end of support" for Windows XP. While it's not long gone, Microsoft is already working to discontinue another version of its software; this time it's Windows 7. 

The company has been highlighting the strengths of its current OS, Windows 10, as it begins to wind down support for Windows 7. All support will cease in three years. The official expiry date for Windows 7 is January 14th, 2020. We have a good while to go yet, but it's worth looking at your options. 

In a post on the German Microsoft site, it has been warned that Windows 7 can no longer keep up with the “increased security requirements” applicable to the PCs of today, and it’s based on “long-outdated security architectures”.

Microsoft stated: “Many hardware manufacturers no longer provide drivers for Windows 7, which means that modern peripherals such as printers are no longer recognised.”

The firm is encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 at their earliest convenience. Windows 10 costs €135 and is available for download here.