'Lithuania is proof that if you lose your young people, you lose your future'

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan joined an astonished George Hook after learning of the results of the Lithuanian elections, as the 'Peasants & Green Union' went from one MP to 54 MPs.

Lithuania has experienced an astonishing election, and George Hook believes it may be a 'heads up' for what could happen here in the future.

The Peasants & Green Union have become the biggest party in Lithuanian politics, winning 54 of the 141 seats in the lower house of parliament. They previously had one MP.

They must now form a coalition government, after they promised to introduce a ‘technocratic government’, promising to prevent people from moving abroad.

Since joining the EU in 2004, Lithuania’s population of 3 million has shrunk by 370,000 – the fastest population decline in the EU, with many moving to Britain in order to escape the low wages and poor economy of their home country.

Why did this happen?  Is it because of the immigration issue?  Is it an economic issue?

The Green Party's Eamon Ryan engaged in a robust discussion with George over what Ireland could learn from the situation.

Listen below.