Listen: Britney Spears releases first new song in nearly three years

"Make Me" features hip-hop artist G-Eazy

It's been almost three years since Britney released "Work Bitch", and since then she's been pretty much performing non-stop in Vegas as part of her residency show.

But now she's decided to get back to what she does best (depending on who you ask), and has released the first single from her upcoming ninth album.

We know she released that Iggy Azalea collaboration "Pretty Girls" last year, but we're pretending that never happened.

"Make Me..." was produced by Burns - who is best known for working with Calvin Harris and remixing some EDM tracks - and features a rap verse by G-Eazy, but overall the vibe is much more laid-back r'n'b, in the vein of The Weeknd or the more recent Ariana Grande singles.

You can check out the audio below, and the single can be purchased on iTunes right now.