Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton rack up legal bill of over €1m in divorce

Judge says spending on legal costs was "manifestly excessive"

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton rack up legal bill of over €1m in divorce

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton Image: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Liam Gallagher and his ex-wife Nicole Appleton racked up a legal bill of more than €1,100,00 while arguing over how to divide assets worth around €15m after their divorce, a judge has said.

Judge Martin O'Dwyer has ruled the assets should be split in half and said the pair should each get about €7.5m.

He said the level of spending on legal costs had been "manifestly excessive".

The judge said ex-Oasis frontman Gallagher and All Saints singer Appleton had started living together around 15 years ago, had got married in 2008, separated in 2013 and they have a son together.

Judge O'Dwyer said they had "lived a very good lifestyle".

He raised concerns about the amount of money the couple had spent on lawyers, and said: "The level of costs in this case, totalling over €1,100,000, are manifestly excessive for the determination of the dispute, which involves capital sums not much greater at the end of the day than £10m (€13.75m)."

Judge O'Dwyer concluded that Gallagher and Appleton had assets totalling €14.84m (£10.8m) and each should get €7.4m (£5.4m).

Gallagher and Appleton had argued over money at a private family court hearing earlier this year.

Restrictions were placed on what the public could be told about that hearing, but Judge O'Dwyer has now ruled much of his judgment can now be reported.

The judge has published a ruling after analysing the issues around reporting at a hearing in the Central Family Court in London.

Judge O'Dwyer had analysed the dispute at a hearing in the same court a few months ago.

Gallagher, 43, and Appleton, 41, were not at Friday's hearing.

They had attended the earlier hearing.