Let Lego help out this year with a Christmas card writing robot

The bot was made by two teenagers

It can be one of the most tedious parts of the run up to Christmas, writing cards to relatives you haven’t seen in years at this point. Now two teenagers have built a way to make it easy, and maybe even fun, for you to make Christmas cards.

The Holiday Plott3r is made completely of Lego Mindstorm, the toy maker’s modular robotic platform that’s been used for everything from a sudoku-solving robot to a pancake maker.

Created by 14-year-old Sanjay and 12-year-old Arvind Seshan, the robot prints the cards with multiple Christmassy designs. It then signs the Christmas cards, and even dispenses an envelope to put it in. The designs are made by two markers in the robot's arms and drawing the designs dot-by-dot.

The Plott3r is only short of putting a stamp in the top corner and dropping the card in a post box.