'Late Late' criticised over Gilligan invite

The late Veronica Guerin's brother called the decision "an absolute disgrace"

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Ryan Tubridy. Image: RollingNews.ie

The state broadcaster RTÉ has come under fire for inviting convicted drug dealer John Gilligan to be a guest on the 'The Late Late Show'.

The Irish Independent reports that the 64 year-old criminal was asked to appear as a guest on the show to "highlight some of the issues" around his "legal battles". 

Jimmy Guerin, brother of murdered journalist Veronic Guerin has called the decision "an absolute disgrace".

"I think it's an absolute disgrace that the national broadcaster, who has been targeted for legal action in the past by Gilligan, would invite him", he said. "I think it just shows how desperate 'The Late Late Show' is for ratings, that they would invite him on the show rather than respecting (journalistc colleague Veronic Guerin)."

Gilligan took to a personal blog to upload a photograph of a hand-written letter sent to him by RTÉ. The Irish Independent cites sources confirming the legitimacy of the letter.