LISTEN: 'Serial' podcast crew teases new seven-episode mystery

Hear the trailer of 'S-Town', a new true-crime whodunit from the team behind the world's favourite podcast

LISTEN: 'Serial' podcast crew teases new seven-episode mystery


Start working on your back story now, as you might be calling in sick to work on March 28th. That’s the day when all seven episodes of S-Town, a new podcast from the makers of Serial, will go live.

The show is hosted by Brian Reed, a producer on This American Life, the popular WBEZ radio show from which Serial, from producer Sarah Koenig, was spun off.

S-Town started as a This American Life show, with the team tipped off to the story when a listener “reached out to This American Life bitterly complaining about his small Alabama town.

“He wanted a reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who had allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. Brian agreed to look into it. But then someone else ended up dead, and another story began to unfold – about a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure and the mysteries of one man’s life.”

The three-minute preview, introduced by Sarah Koenig, was released today, teasing a tantalising whodunit and revealing what the S in S-Town stands for. Setting the scene, the story surrounds the maintenance of antique clocks, as well as the “witness marks” that allow the timepieces to keep working long after their creators have passed off this mortal coil.

With just two weeks until the show goes live, you can subscribe to the podcast now and listen to the teaser in full below:

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