LISTEN: Roisin Murphy releases "Mastermind", first single from new album

'Take Her Up to Monto' is due out in July

It was a long, eight-year gap between Roisin Murphy's second album Overpowered, and her eventual follow-up Hairless Toys, which finally arrived last year.

So we weren't exactly holding our breath for her to return so quickly, but she being Roisin Murphy, nothing goes the way you'd expect.

Today she released the first track from her upcoming fourth album Take Her Up To Monto, and it's a six-and-a-half-minute glitched-out electro-pop jam titled "Mastermind".

Anyone hoping for a return to a more mainstream sound will be disappointed, as this is just purely Murphy enjoying every musical quirk she sees fit and squishing them all into one song.

Monto is due out on July 8th, and Murphy will be touring the album, with an Irish date already set in this year's Longitude Festival.