LISTEN: Dublin Airport travellers talk Trump's 'travel ban'

Following Enda Kenny's order of a review of US pre-clearance in Ireland. what would happen if we got rid of it?

LISTEN: Dublin Airport travellers talk Trump's 'travel ban'

File photo of Dublin Airport

Enda Kenny has ordered a review of US pre-clearance in Ireland after the Trump administration’s recent restrictive new immigration policies.

What would happen if we got rid of pre clearance in Dublin and Shannon Airports respectively? So far, one person has been refused a pre-clearance at Dublin Airport since the 'travel ban'. Over one million people used pre-clearance in Dublin last year.

Speaking to passengers at Terminal 2 - which as US pre clearance in the basement - at Dublin Airport, Newstalk Drive reporter Henry McKean found the removal of pre clearance would have far-reaching implications for travellers.

"He is creating a hatred against a race"

One Muslim man said the travel ban won't change anything for security issues in the airport, and highlighted the standard of the workforce coming from the banned countries.

"A lot of people working in Google and different international companies, they come from those countries", he said. "They are very highly educated."

"The dog will get into the States quicker"

A woman travelling with her dog said pre-clearance should be gotten rid of in Ireland to take a stand against President Trump.

"I'd get rid of it here because ti would show that you don't support what he's doing", she said. "At the same time, if in three weeks, the Democrats introduce some sort of legislation to stop this, you've just done away with it.

"I would hold for a bit, but if this law is going to stick around, and I'd like to see anybody stand up against these kinds of rules [...] it's horrible."

Bad for business

Several people travelling for business said pre clearance should remain in force at Dublin Airport.

"The queues are shorter and the TSA are a little bit more lenient here especially with an Irish passport", Anthony Byrne of Product2Market told Newstalk. "It would be a significant stinger for me if we lost it."