LISTEN: A visit to Clondalkin's state of the art urban stables

The stables will provide somewhere safe for young people to stable urban horses and learn about proper equine care

Following a four-year campaign, a new state of the art facility has opened in the south of the city to provide somewhere safe for young people to stable urban horses.

South Dublin County Council seizes and kills more horses than any other in the country - 1,668 horses and ponies have been seized by the council since 2012, with 1,458 being euthanized at the cost of €912,000.

The situation has caused huge upset to teenage horse owners and has made it difficult dealing with horse neglect and malnourishment.

The Clondalkin Equine Club was started 4 years ago to help young people to learn how to take proper care of the animals and today they got their brand new €500,000 stables just off the Fonthill Road in Clondalkin.

Owners will be able to keep their horses at the facility - just as soon as they have completed a course in equine care.

Newstalk reporter Henry McKean was in Clondalkin for today’s grand opening and you can come along for the ride by listening back here: