Kickstart Your Business: IDme

George Hook helps to kickstart another business on the Right's all about wristbands to quickly help lost and/or vulnerable children.

The Right Hook helps to kickstart another business!

It's the turn of Dee O'Leary of "IDme".

Dee O’Leary faced a challenge familiar to young mums everywhere: how to track down the child that goes wandering when out shopping or at the zoo. And so she developed IDme, a wristband with the essential information that means a good Samaritan can quickly help the lost or vulnerable child to reunite with their family.

George thought this was a fabulous idea.  Sometimes it's the simple ideas that are the best.

He was keen to get it kickstarted, and he was joined by Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development.

You can visit IDme's website by clicking the logo below.