Kevin Spacey: compared to real election, House Of Cards "doesn't go far enough"

The actor finds some funny parallels between his fictional show and the real-life campaign

Kevin Spacey: compared to real election, House Of Cards "doesn't go far enough"


Over it's four seasons to date, House Of Cards has seen plenty of murder, corruption, violent blackmail, pansexual orgies and more, yet the lead actor believes that the show doesn't go far enough.

Talking to The Guardian, Kevin Spacey - who plays morality black hole President Frank Underwood - talks about the days we would finish filming certain scenes and be concerned they've gone past the point of believability:

“[I] will go to my hotel room and wonder ‘have we gone too far ... have we crossed the Rubicon [by creating] something unbelievable ... then I turn on the TV and watch the news ... then I think we haven’t gone far enough.”

His character of Frank Underwood has been compared to some of Shakespeare's creations such as Macbeth, Richard III, Othello and Iago, but when asked about comparing his President to 2016's hopefuls, Spacey was aware of Underwood's origins: “We just need to remember he’s fictional character and that some of the candidates running appear to be fictional too.”

The show, which recently aired it's fourth season exclusively on Netflix, saw a return to critical plaudits - reaching a show high of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes compared to the previous three seasons (85%, 88% and 77%, respectively) - and has already been green-lit for a fifth season, despite the departure of the show's creator and primary screenwriter Beau Willimon.

“He’s been working non-stop since it began,” said Spacey. “I’ll miss him being there every day, but the writers’ room is the same writers as in season four – nothing’s changed in terms of the quality of work we’re doing.”