Kevin Myers talks to George Hook about his new memoir, 'A Single Headstrong Heart'

Myers was on High Noon today

'He's deplorable, but most politicans are.'

Author and Sunday Times columnist Kevin Myers gave George his view on Donald Trump on High Noon today, as Myers talked about his 2nd memoir, 'A Single Headstrong Heart'.

'I don't know if I'd have been able to stomach a Clinton presidency, so maybe Trump is a deplorable character that be a better President.'

In terms of the book, Myers describes in a first-person narrative his childhood up to the early years of his career as a journalist and his departure from University College Dublin in the late 1960s.

Kevin reveals an array of interesting details about his life:

  • An early reveal in the book is that his father worked for Michael Collins
  • Kevin and his twin sister Maggie are raised amidst and Irish family of six children in the middle England of Leicester
  • He tells of their growing up in the post-war English provinces (the privations of the 50s through to the ‘unbottoning’ of the 60s)
  • Kevin also has a great love for his father; who he later became estranged from.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.