Merkel defends her migration policy

She has called on all EU leaders to welcome asylum seekers into their countries

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Image: Michael Sohn / AP/Press Association Images

German chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her migration policy and called on more EU states to welcome asylum seekers.

"It doesn’t work for some countries to say: ‘We don’t want to have Muslims at all, even if it’s necessary for humanitarian reasons," she told German broadcaster ARD after Slovak President Robert Fico pledged not to allow a "single Muslim" to enter the country.

She also commented on the UK's imminent departure from the Union, saying, "We all agree in the European Union that Britain's exit, the result of the referendum, will have a big impact … Rather than rushing into activities, we should perhaps first take time to think about what we, as the 27 countries, must do better."

Ms Merkle is yet to confirm whether she will run in Germany's general election next year. Her popularity has dipped - latest polls show that over half of all German do not want her to continue for another term.

Last week President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said that Europe needs to show "solidarity" with asylum seekers.

He added that EU nations should not be increasing border controls - and that he believes that, "Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians."

The Luxembourgian official added that there is a need to "fight against nationalism" across the continent, particularly the populist movements.

"We have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists," he told the European Forum Alpbach.