John Simpson: 'Trump will be up against it as US President like nobody before him'

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson joins George Hook on High Noon as more allegations are made against Donald Trump ahead of his Presidency

John Simpson believes a lot of what's happened over the course of the last year with Donald Trump will come back and bite him during his Presidency.

Simpson was speaking to George on High Noon this afternoon, following unverified allegations that Russia made contact with Trump's aides over the course of the Presidential election campaign.

'This moment is the moment of Trump's greatest power and influence,' said Simpson.  'He's just smashed the US political system, and now his enemies, Republicans and Democrats, will now be resisting Trump'.

He continued to say, 'Trump has already given so many hostages to fortune that it's bound to come and bite him.  It has to.'

George brought up the incredible fact that Trump has the lowest approval rating of any incoming President, and Simpson was not particularly surprised.

'He will be up against it like no other US President ever has. He simply doesn't have the strength to carry on through the first year, never mind the first term.'

Listen the full interview by clicking below.