Joan Burton: "I would prefer if there was never a need for abortion in the world"

Labour representative weighs in on the topical subject ahead of tonight's final debate

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Tánaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin | Image:

Joan Burton says that she would prefer a world in which an abortion is never necessary.

However the Labour leader believes it should be legislated for in certain situations.

The Labour party intend to hold a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment if re-elected.

Joan Burton says she knows that abortion is a contentious issue, and that any changes to the law should be carefully considered: "As somebody who is adopted, like most adopted people, I would prefer if there were never a need for an abortion in the world. But circumstances arise, and we know these from the tragic cases that have happened in our recent history, from Savita Halappanavar to what happened in a number of cases that have been documented. We have to deal with this incredibly difficult, personal, private issue for women."

Burton will take part in the final debate on RTE's Prime Time tonight, which will be covered directly on @NewstalkFM and a #RealityCheck reaction piece once the debate has finished.