'It's so dangerous. Kids as young as 8 have access to all sorts of things'

Ciamh McCrory of Digital Insight Solutions and John Molloy of lkydz joined Ciara Kelly to discuss the issue of 'too much social media' for kids.

A UK MP recently revealed that his own daughter texted him from her bedroom to ask what’s for dinner, and he went on to describe social media as ‘corrosive’.

Ciamh McCrory, who is the Head of Digital Insight Consultants is of a similar opinion, and believes that parents don't realise just how much danger their young kids are in when they go online.

'Kids as young as 8 should not be on social media.  I'm so against it you wouldn't believe.'

Herself and lkydz's John Molloy joined Ciara Kelly on High Noon to discuss what is too much for kids, and what parents can realistically do to protect their children.

Listen back below.