'It's sad, but you need to take every precaution you can to protect your home from burglaries'

Retired Garda Pat Flynn joined George on High Noon today to tell him how best to guard against theft at home.

George thought it might be a good idea to invite a retired Garda onto High Noon, in order to provide some tips on ensure that your home does not get burgled.

Pat Flynn is a retired Garda from Ardee, and was quick to warn us all that burglars are generally professionals, and they don't choose houses at random.  They'll have done their research, and so as a home owner, you must be vigilant.

Here are some of her best tips:

  • Keep curtains closed.  Do not leave criminals see the geography of house.
  • Lock internal doors even when going to work not just night.
  • Remove mark of sat navigation from window of car.
  • People usually type in home on it so if car broken into and sat navigation taken easy for persons to find your home.
  • Get involved in the alert /neighbourhood watch or set one up. If none in your area set some up.
  • Have experienced ROGUE Burglaries.Especially on those advanced in age. People calling on pretence looking to clean around houses and then asking what the name of their dog if they have one or asking if they live alone.
  • Keys. of car placed in safe area and out of view
  • Remember these criminals are on a time frame.
  • Take handbags upstairs.
  • Get into habit of turning on alarm
  • Sensor lights around houses
  • Don't publish on Fb about holidays weekends away etc
  • If away ensure you have a key holder who can visit regularly in your absence


You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.