'It's ridiculous and unnecessary'

Journalist and mother Barbara Scully is disgusted with the weight her kids have to carry on their backs for school.

The Joint Committee on Children and Youth Affairs met today with representatives from the National Parents Council Primary, the National Parents Council Post Primary and Dr. Sara Dockrell, Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin, to examine issues relating to the weight of schoolbags.

Barbara Scully joined George on High Noon today to discuss the issue, one that is closer to the mum-of-three's heart.

"I have had to drive my big strong girls to and from school, a 5 minute drive, most days because of the weight of their bags. It's ridiculous in this day and age."

She also told George that the more organised and possibly wealthier parents buy two sets of books. One to have in school & one at home. Something she thinks is completely daft.

But Barbara does have a way to solve it.

"The solution is iPads. Or books that at least come in year sections. And ban workbooks."

You can listen to the full interview below.