'It's not today that's the problem, it's the promise of all out strike on Monday week'

Former Minister for Education Mary Hanafin gave George Hook her take today on the ASTI teachers' strike

'If they don't work, they shouldn't get paid.'

That's the view of Mary Hanafin, former Minister for Education, on the day that 70% of second-level schools are closed today as members of the ASTI strike in pursuit of equal pay for newly-qualified teachers.

It’s the first in a series of seven days of strike action on the issue.

However, a dispute over payments for the supervision of students during break times threatens to close schools for an indefinite period from 7 November.

'They shouldn't be striking on the basis of "supervision and substitution" because what you get is schools shutting down completely'.  Hanafin concluded that that is something nobody wants to see.

You can listen to the full interview below.