'It's irrelevant to me where your body goes when you're gone'

Independent Newspapers' Liam Collins is confused as to why the Vatican cares what happens to a person's ashes when they die.

A new edict from the Vatican has ordered Catholics to keep ashes in a sacred place rather than at home.  As well as this, the remains of the faithful should be left in consecrated ground such as a cemetery plot.

Church authorities also say that ashes must not be scattered in the air, on land or at sea.

George invited Independent Newspapers' Liam Collins onto High Noon to discuss the issue, and he had an idea as to why this edict has come.

'I think they're worried about how everything is going green.'

He also rejected any notion that this should be a religious issue, stating that this should purely be a case of a family being able to look after the dead as they've decided to see fit.

'I honestly don't get it.  This has nothing to do with religion'

Listen to the full interview below.