It’s father’s day

It’s father’s day and we’re paying tribute to the Daddies, step dads and granddads who mean so much to us. 

Joining Colette today are,

  • Stephen Biddulph, Australian  author and psychologist whose books RAISING BOYS and MANHOOD are packed full of advice on the role that fathers can play in their children’s lives.  
  • Isa Nacewa, Leinster captain and Dad of three with one on the way. 
  • Jonathan de Burca Butler,  Dads World columnist The Irish Examiner and Dad to two boys.
  • Vivian Cummins, foster parent.
  • Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Grandfather who has two adopted children and two grandchildren.

Also on the programme this week.

Generation Snowflake, the generation that are anxious, distressed and afraid of their own shadows. 

Colette is joined by the author of ‘I find that Offensive' Claire Fox who is also a Director of the Ideas Institiute.