'It'd be laughable if it wasn't so disgusting' - Congressman Bruce Morrison on Trump's immigration plans

The creator of the Morrison Visa Programme joined George Hook on High Noon today

'He's going to find it very difficult to make this happen.'

Congressman Bruce Morrison is not impressed by US President Donald Trump's immigration ideas.

Trump has vowed that work on a wall between the US and Mexico will start 'within months'  after he signed executive orders enabling the project.

'The plans are disgraceful', Morrison told George on High Noon today, when he was asked whether he thought the plan would come to fruition.

Trump said in an interview with ABC News that Mexico would "absolutely, 100%" reimburse the US for his wall, but Congress will have to approve funding for the structure, which is estimated to cost billions of dollars.

He spoke of a "crisis" on the southern US border

The orders also called for hiring 10,000 immigration officials to help boost border patrol efforts.

Listen to Morrison's full reaction to Trump's plans by clicking below.