'It wasn’t the most perfect of beginnings'

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs was speaking to George Hook today

Newly elected Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone has spoken out about her new appointment and how she plans to focus in on child welfare in the state.

The key issue which Zappone hopes to resolve is how to get the cross-government department to work on ways to reduce child poverty, children who are homeless, and children with a lack of sufficient resources while in care. When asked about Sabina Higgins’ comments today on abortion, Zappone said that it was ‘perfectly acceptable’ for the President’s wife to speak on the key issue of fatal foetal abnormalities during childbirth.

She told George Hook, “I’m sure that when she does speak she is very careful to discern what she says in order to contribute to a very important discussion and debate going on in relation to children and women and the issue of pregnancy and the extent of our own abortion legislation.”

Speaking on the process of forming the new government and the announcement of Shane Ross as Minister for Transport before the Taoiseach acknowledged his appointment, Zappone admits that ‘Yes, it wasn’t the most perfect of beginnings.’ She told George Hook, “It was a difficult birth and, yes, more trust needs to be developed and better ways of working together and that’s what I’m committed to do.’