"It was a mistake": Fox News anchor apologises after reporting 'likely indictment' in Clinton investigation

Bret Baier moved to clarify his claims, saying "indictment is obviously a very loaded word"

"It was a mistake": Fox News anchor apologises after reporting 'likely indictment' in Clinton investigation

Bret Baier. Image: Carlos Osorio AP/Press Association Images

A Fox News anchor has apologised for a 'mistake' after claiming that an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation would 'likely' lead to an indictment.

Speaking to another Fox News presenter, Bret Baier - citing unnamed sources - reported that "investigations will continue - there is a lot of evidence. Barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment".

The claim was widely reported, although also swiftly contested by other US media outlets such as CNN and NBC.

Today, Baier went on air to apologise for what he described as a 'mistake'.

"I explained a couple of times yesterday the phrasing of one of my answers," he explained, "saying it was inartful the way I answered the last question about whether the investigations would continue after the election. And I answered that, yes, our sources said it would - they would continue to likely an indictment.

"Well that wasn't just inartful - it was a mistake. And for that, I’m sorry. I should have said they will continue to build their case. Indictment is obviously a very loaded word - especially in this atmosphere."

He added that he 'stands by the sourcing' of the reports on the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

He also amended his report on a separate investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, adding that "there still are no digital fingerprints of a breach" despite the suggestion that the server had been hacked by "five foreign intelligence agencies".

Donald Trump's campaign has heavily criticised Hillary Clinton over allegations of "pay-to-play" conflicts with the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State.

Spokesperson Jason Miller, commenting on the reports of an open FBI investigation into the foundation, said: "Not only is it completely disqualifying for a candidate for president to be facing two separate FBI investigations less than a week before the election, but the fact that the Obama Administration is so blatantly trying to tip the scales of justice toward Clinton should give every American pause."