'It couldn't be worse timing for Hillary' - Bob Schmuhl

Professor of American Studies in Notre Dame Bob Schmuhl analyses the US elections and polls with George Hook.

'It was like the earth shook.'

Bob Schmuhl reflects on what has happened since the latest in the Hillary Clinton email controversy was revealed last Friday.

'You now have polls showing that Hillary Clinton is less trustworthy with the American people.'

'You now have American people questioning what the future might look like with Hillary Clinton as President.  That's not me making a prediction.  It's just people questioning whether they want to go back to a time when there controversies and scandals.'

Schmuhl also commented that Trump seems to have been doing this all on his own.

'What I mean by this is, that you have Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, all out on the stump trying to get votes for Hillary Clinton; whereas Trump seems to be on his own'.

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