Is Samsung set to ditch the headphone jack?

Apple did it, but could their main rival follow suit?

Apple made waves earlier this year when they unveiled their new iPhone devices, which do not have a headphone jack. It now looks as though the new Samsung Galaxy S8 may follow suit. 

Rumours are rife that the next flagship smartphone from the tech giants could be without the 3.5mm audio port.  

It's thought that the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. SamMobile reports that the phone will use the phone's USB-C charging port as its audio output. Users will then have the same options as iPhone 7 owners; either use the port or wireless headphones.  

Samsung may also be able to make the phone thinner than its predecessor by getting rid of the jack. SamMobile also reported that the Galaxy S8 may have stereo speakers to improve the external audio quality.