Irish city has world's most recognisable soundscape

But it's not all good news for Ireland...

Irish city has world's most recognisable soundscape

European, Irish and American flags fly in Dublin city centre | Image:

It has been revelaed that the Irish capital has the most recognisable soundscape in the world.

A new quiz from hearing care provider Amplifon found 64% of people say certain sounds evoke memories of places they have visited.

Over one in 10 say they visit particular cities based on its soundscape.

Their research has revealed that Dublin has the most distinct sound, with 87% of people guessing this correctly.

But only 5% of those in the UK agree.

The quiz showcases sounds from around the world, and asks users to guess which country that sound originated from.

The type of sounds that make up the Dublin soundscape is music (35%) followed by the people (33%) which scored way above mechanical or natural sounds.

The reseach also revelaed that the sounds most associated with the city are:

      • The Irish accent (65%)
      • The tapping of dancers feet (40%)
      • Violin playing a jig (37%)
      • Glasses clinking/cheersing (35%)
      • Lord of the dance tune (28%)

But it's not all good news.

The same research has found that the Irish accent is rated as one of the "most irritating from around the world".

While not topping the list, we come in a close 4th - after Indian, American and British accents.

The Australian accent rounds out the top five for most irritating.