Ireland third most expensive European country for a night out

Tell us something we don’t know...

Stop the press! Ireland is one of the most expensive places in Europe for a night out, with a price tag of over €100.

A survey carried out by One Big Switch, has found that Ireland ranks as the third most expensive place in Europe to go out.

The consumer network looked at factors such as dinner, drinks, babysitting and transport when totting up the bill for a night out on the tiles.

The final cost for a night out in Ireland came to €112 (ouch!), according to the study, which comes in just behind Denmark at €116.96. But spare a wee thought (and a few cents) for our friends over in Luxembourg – a night out there comes to a whopping €130.90.

On the whole, Ireland ranks fifth dearest for the cost of drink and same for the price of fast food. While for transport, we came in eighth place, and fourth for the cost of a babysitter – at €50 for five hours.

So, where should you be booking your next city break? Bulgaria, Romania and Czech Republic look like your best bet with the cost of a night out ranging from €24 to €30.

Possibly pouring more salt on our Irish wounds, the study also suggests alternative experiences or goods you could avail of at the same price of a night out. It tells us that €112 could get you a camera drone, a fancy wash, cut and blow-dry or return flights to Portugal.