Ireland is a beautiful freak, not the poster child for austerity

University of Limerick's Stephen Kinsella joined George on High Noon today.

'Ireland is not the poster child for austerity, instead it's a beautiful freak.'

That's the opinion of senior lecturer in Economics Stephen Kinsella, who has also written a chapter in a new book that's being launched called “Austerity & Recovery in Ireland: Europe’s Poster Child and the Great Recession”.

Kinsella joined George on High Noon today, and shook George's beliefs about the Irish recovery to their very foundations, as he suggested that Ireland's unique position was the reason austerity work, not austerity itself.

He says that Ireland's experience of austerity and recovery reflects a very specific set of conditions that differ markedly from other countries forced to avail of bailout supports, concluding that the bailout programme would not have worked elsewhere.

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