Internet loveliness: Nine things to get to grips with from the web this week

This time around... it's a mixed bag

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When it comes to surfing the web, it's easy to get lost at sea. So let Moncrieff's regular guest Darragh Doyle, a man who knows a thing or two about what's weird and wonderful online, steer you in the right direction.

You can listen back to his full segment below, but here's what you need to know from the Internet this week...

Anti-bullying rap written and performed by the students of Colaiste Eoin Finglas at a GMC Beats rap workshop.

Not to sound blasé about this, but bullying - and especially cyberbullying - hasn’t gone away and is still active on all forms of media. Today is Safer Internet Day and there’s a whole series of events around the country with some 67,000 young people and 463 schools and organisations taking part.

The most effective way of dealing with this comes courtesy of young Luke Culhane, a 13-year-old filmmaker whose video Cyberbullying: Create No Hate is being shared a lot today. As he says:

STOP - stop and think before posting something online.

BLOCK - block and report the person who is bullying you

TELL - tell someone - a parent or someone who can help. This does include the Gardaí.

Prevalent and timely perhaps given the recent news emerging from UCD, where allegedly some 200 members of a “private Facebook group chat” where photos were being shared and rated. It’s important that people realise that photos taken can end up anywhere.

Many listeners might recall the story of Caoilte O’Broin, a young man who took his own life in tragic circumstances in early January.

Started by Caoilte’s family and friends, the hashtag #AnyonesBrother and the related Facebook pages and events are being used to share stories, highlight issues and give support to those who can’t get help from the HSE or Mental Health Organisations for any reason. It could have been "Anyone’s Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Loved One."

Fodder is all about food discovery. Conor Murphy was in touch with details on this new Irish app. The Fodder community posts photos of their meals and other users can search through these photos to find new places to eat. When you’re searching for somewhere to eat, have a look on Fodder to see where everyone else is eating and find somewhere new!

The team have created a mini-site around the General Election especially for 18 to 24-year-olds. It is, to borrow a cliche, by young people for young people.

Trying to get the newly registered to 'use their voice and their vote', the site is asking them to upload videos of themselves to the site page talking about issues that matter to them. YouTubers, vloggers, bloggers, Snapchatters, Persicopers are all invited to take part.

Sacred Space, is a daily audio retreat format produced by a joint apostolate of the Irish Jesuits and Loyola Press since 1999. They feature special Lent retreats which you can follow at your own pace as you carve out a few minutes each day for this devotion. The Sacred Space app guides you through a prayer session in six stages:

  • The Presence of God
  • Freedom
  • Consciousness
  • The Word
  • Conversation
  • Conclusion

Each stage is designed as an exercise or meditation to help you get in touch with God and feel God’s presence in your life.

  • Lentsanity - the Meat Police Early Warning System

As well as infographics, news, listicles like the top 10 types of ash pattern you might get on Ash Wednesday or which Fast Food Fish Sandwiches are worth eating, articles, videos and meat-free recipes, the Lentsanity app also gives you push notifications to remind you not to eat meat on Fridays. It checks up on you. 'Cos you need an app that does that.

Sex Siopa is Ireland’s first health and design focused sex shop where they guarantee all adult toys and accessories are bodysafe. Established in 2012, Sex Siopa is a labour of love for owner Shawna Scott who would love to help you choose the perfect sex toy for you. It’s well written, researched and discreet.

From their Valentines Edition, where they list everything from massage oil to body shimmer to sex toys… The Rave is We-Vibe's brand new couples vibrator. Its asymmetrical shape means you and your partner can explore and experiment with different sensations and pressure. Its powerful, rumbly motor means it's spectacular at both internal and external stimulation.

  • Kindu - Explore Together, Discover Each Other

Kindu is like Tinder for couples that are open to trying new things.

After you both create an account (don’t worry, it stays private) and pair with each other, you and your partner swipe through over 100 erotic suggestions that you can say yes, no or maybe to.

If you both say yes, it’s a match. You can even throw your own ideas into the deck. This app is a great tool for couples that might be a little hesitant to communicate their sexual desires with each other directly.

  • Over 600 relationship ideas.
  • Double-blind match system that allows couples to only see matches they agree on.
  • Passcode protection
  • Use on two separate devices
  • Favorite option to allow you to star favorites and create favorite list
  • Wildcard feature to allow you to anonymously submit your own ideas to your partner
  • Anonymous accounts with no identifying data stored

Available on iOS and Android.

  • And finally... The Great Big Roaming Ass

A lovely clip from TG4 with young Liam Broderick, a young fellow with a very sweet voice.

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