In Pictures: Disabled helper dog gets her own Facebook page

Ivy’s training has seen her heading out and about

In Pictures: Disabled helper dog gets her own Facebook page

Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy

One helper dog who has captured hearts and paws has been given her own Facebook page.

Ivy, and her friends, are part of the Irish Dogs for the Disabled initiative.

The charity is the only one of it’s kind in Europe, and was the brainchild of Jennifer Dowler.

She has been providing dogs to children and adults with physical disabilities for over a decade.

Over 80% of the charity’s clients are children, between the ages of 6 and 12 years, living with severe physical disabilities which effect their independence and social interaction.

Ivy is being especially trained to assist a physically disabled person to carry out a range of tasks to achieve greater independence.

These could include opening and closing doors, picking up dropped items, emptying the washing machine and helping a child with severe walking difficulties to walk with greater ease.

With 210 dogs nationwide and 120 currently out working, it costs the charity €15,000 to train and support each one.

Already Ivy has been making an impact on social media – being pictured with members of the gardaí, typing at her laptop and having a play with her friends.

Ivy has also been pictured with members of her family, heading out to the cinema and even in the supermarket.

Ivy is seen with Ivan and Jasmine | Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy
"Unexpected item in the bagging area" | Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy
"Officer Ivy, reporting for duty..." |  Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy
Ivy has downtime with Jasmine | Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy

"One puppy and one dog, please..." | Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy
Surfing the interwoof... | Image: Facebook/The Life of Ivy

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