'I'd love to see it possible for every home to just have one parent working. It's best for children'

Guidance Counsellor Brian Mooney joined George Hook on High Noon today to discuss why children suffer from anxiety

A recent survey from the Irish Primary Principals’ Network indicated that school principals continue to have serious concerns in relation to children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Eight in every ten principals report that up to 25% of the children in our primary schools in 2017 suffer from anxiety and issues relating to neglect.

Guidance counselor and Irish Times Education Columnist Brian Mooney is convinced that children don't have the social skills of previous generations.

'In our day, you had to look someone in the eye. Nowadays, it's all done through a machine'

He and George also discussed the idea that homes where just one parent works could be what's best for a child, as that was the way society had always been designed to be until recently.

Mooney added that he'd 'love to see' a time when one parent working, and one parent at home was actually possible for all people.

You can listen to the full interview below.