'I wouldn't leave. I wanted to stay for the children' - Male domestic abuse victim

He joined George Hook on High Noon today to tell his story.

All this week in Newstalk and COSC - National Office for the Prevention of Domestic Sexual and Gender Biased Violence are campaigning to increase the awareness of domestic and sexual violence.

We are campaigning to bring about a change in long established societal behaviours and attitudes and to activate bystanders with the aim of decreasing and preventing this violence.

George was joined on High Noon today by an anonymous man, who says he is a long-time victim of domestic abuse.

He has 2 children.  He suffered repeated psychological abuse while married to his wife. He felt he was exhausted as he was constantly handing over the money. During his relationship he said that he was subjected to listening to his wife comparing him to other men and other other marriages. He was constantly told he was fat and comments were made about his appearance. Rows used to erupt within the marriage in front of the children screaming matches involving a huge amount of swearing and aggressive behaviour.

The man turned to AMEN because he couldn’t bear being apart from his children.

He used to crawl into his sons bed every night and read his 4 year old son a bedtime story.

He missed his children and knew that he couldn’t even try to become whole again without getting some counselling and trying to rebuild his life after a traumatic number of years.

Listen to the full interview below.

The Amen helpline number is 046 902 3718.