Cora Sherlock states "I want to see abortionists prosecuted"

Cora Sherlock's comments come in the wake of a recent case of self-induced miscarriage

Yesterday, a woman in Belfast was issued a suspended prison sentence after it emerged that she consumed illegal abortion pills in order to induce a miscarriage. 

Speaking to Newstalk's Jonathan Healy on Tuesday, pro-life activist Cora Sherlock said that the Northern Ireland case was 'complex', while also stating that she does not want the pregnant individuals to be held accountable but rather those who carry out the abortions. 

"What I want to see is a law that respects and protects the right to life of women and their unborn babies. I want to see abortionists prosecuted if anyone is to be prosecuted."

"I don't think women should be prosecuted. What we want to see is a situation where women are given proper supports."

On the subject of taking abortion pills, Sherlock pointed to a case in England where a young woman committed suicide after taking abortion pills under medical supervision.

"She ended her own life following an abortion, so there are also cases of women who have taken these abortion pills and have died even under medical supervision. These are not safe pills to take."

During the discussion, Healy underlined the dangers of taking any pill sourced on the internet.

Sherlock concluded by talking about the need to address examples of 'abortion regret' as part of the discussion about abortion, as well as the 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. Sherlock had "concerns" about the act and the provisions to authorise a termination at any point during the pregnancy if the mother is suicidal.

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