"I just can't understand why they have kidnapped me away from you" - Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim has been detained in Egypt for more than three years without trial

Ibrahim Halawa, the Irish man being held in Egypt, has written an emotional letter to Ireland.

The 21-year-old - who was arrested as a teenager in Cairo over three years ago - says he wants to be buried in the soil of this country if he dies.

He has also spoken of the injustice and oppression that he has experienced. He claims he has been repeatedly tortured in jail.

Ibrahim could face the death penalty for taking part in a demonstration against the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in August 2013.

His trial has been delayed 16 times. He and 493 other accused are due back in court on December 13th - his 21st birthday.

You can read Ibrahim's full letter below:

"Dear Ireland

I really don't know what to say, I have been taken away from you for so long. But I miss you dearly. It's really out of my hands. I can't understand, I just can't understand why they have kidnapped me away from you. So young I was while you were teaching me how to live, laugh, love and care. But they have taken me away before you had the time to teach me how to struggle, how to deal with evil and hatred.

When I was young I used to run to you whenever I was sad and needed to complain about my humongous kiddie problems. The time my mum delayed getting me the latest Playstation game when all the other friends had it. Or when I wasn't allowed stay out late at night. And when I entered secondary school and exams were much tougher than before. Or that time I came to complain about my first teenage love.

Do you remember when I came running to you crying about the kid who screamed at me saying "go back to your country" and as usual you were crying rain and I was relieved because you were sharing my crying. But now that I'm growing up away from you and banned from talking to you, who am I supposed to complain to now that my kiddie worldly problems turned out to be just a drop in the ocean.

Ireland, I really need to complain to you about how one human enjoys torturing another human, the continued injustice, the oppression and the killing of the innocent. Ireland I'm lusting to walk on the sand of Bray beach, scramming freedom from the top [the Cliffs of Moher], your rainforest trees to hug me tight and make me feel safe again and that kind bus driver on the daily commute, smiling at me even thought he does not know me.

Ireland I really want to complain to you about the people my parents voted for, to protect me in any land and under any sky, and have failed to bring me back to you. Now I understand that you were not crying this rains with me but you were crying because of what the world holds fore me one final wish, I beg from if I die away from you take me back from them to be buried in your soil and feel your goodbye tears."