'I flew over to vote Trump because he speaks to the working poor' - Brid McIntyre

Brid told George Hook today on High Noon why she travelled so far to vote for Trump

'The elites have steered America down the wrong path.  Trump speaks to the working poor.'

Brid McIntyre is a semi-retired nurse who has dual citizenship between Ireland and the United States.  Such was her strength of feeling that Donald Trump should win the US Election that she flew across the Atlantic to Florida in order the cast her vote.

Brid is worried about what America has become.  She says it's far too politically corrected, and people aren't really allowed to express themselves freely.

"People should be allowed to express their fears and prejudices without fear of being labelled a racist, because it shuts down all discussion."

She also said that Trump would rebuild America just like he's built his own business empire.

You can listen back to the full interview below.