'I don't think they do it on purpose, but battery life on phones has gone to the dogs' - Andy O'Donoghue

Technology journalist Andy O'Donoghue joined George Hook on High Noon today to explain why all our phone batteries' lives are so short.

Installing upgrades could mean shorter battery life for your phone, despite technology companies promising longer life and better performance from the new software.

The consumer group Which? found that when iPhones or Android phones are updated to the latest version of their operating systems, their battery life can fall by as much as three hours.

A two-year-old iPhone 6 lost 38 minutes of battery life when it was updated to the latest version of Apple’s iOS software, iOS 10. A Google Nexus 6P phone went from 12 to nine hours of battery life when the most recent version of Android was installed.

Both the iPhone and Android software claim that features in the latest versions improve battery life, rather than hurting it.

To explain all, George was joined on High Noon today by Andy O'Donoghue, who didn't think the likes of Apple did it on purpose, but there's no doubt updates were having a huge impact on battery life and phone performance.

Listen to the full interview below.