"I don't think he wants to be 'Presidential' to be honest" - John Simpson

John Simpson gives his thoughts on US President-elect Donald Trump, as he continues to build his team for his term in office

The World Affairs Editor for the BBC John Simpson gave his unique thoughts on Donald Trump to George Hook on High Noon today, the day after Trump updated the world, via video, of what he plans to do once he becomes President of the United States in January.

In the video Trump said what he would do from his first day in office, including:

  • Directing the Department of Labor “to investigate all abuses of visa programmes that undercut the American worker” and withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
  • Issuing a rule cutting government regulations
  • Cancelling some restrictions on energy production, including shale oil and gas and coal.
  • Perhaps most significantly, vowing to cancel the Trans Pacific trade deal, describing it as “a potential disaster for the country"

John Simpson isn't that surprised by these promises, insisiting that Trump has no interest in being 'presidential'.  Simpson reckons that Trump believes 'that's what got America into trouble in the first place'.

Simpson also questioned Trump's attacks on the media (for example calling them 'crooked' in multiple tweets), saying that he'd be foolish to continue doing that.

Listen to the full interview below.