Hushme: The device that gives you an indoor voice and the appearance of Bane

We all know someone that could do with one of these...

Every now and then a piece of technology comes along that makes you wonder 'is this really necessary?' The Hushme is one such product. It's strange and brilliant in equal measures. 

This product is aimed at those of us working in open-plan offices. It can be very difficult to conduct a private phone call and so this is a wearable that muffles the sound of your voice, making your calls quieter and more private.

The Hushme entails of a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that connect to a voice mask. The mask closes around the face magnetically. It's then possible to make phone calls privately. 

While this is a good idea, it's not hard to draw a comparison between the Hushme and Bane:

More information on the Hushme can be found here