'How should I behave if I get invited to Pat Kenny's house?'

Hotelier Francis Brennan gives George some tips on guest etiquette.

George has dropped a big hint to Pat Kenny that he'd like to be invited over for dinner, and so he wanted to be prepared for the eventuality.

Francis Brennan joined George on High Noon to give him some tips on how he should be behaving as a guest at someone's house.

Should George bring a gift?  Should be potter around the house as he sees fit?  Should he help himself to the contents of the fridge?

Some of Francis' top tips are:

  • Offer to help with the bedtime routine if your host has young children
  • If you’ve dietary requirements, let your host know in advance – don’t announce that you’re a vegetarian at dinner time
  • Don’t wander in and out of bedrooms unless your host invites you
  • Keep your luggage and bed space tidy
  • Give a gift (bunch of flowers, a bottle of something in the fridge, etc) – it doesn’t have to be large or elaborate
  • If there’s an argument between the heads of the household, don’t get involved. Just go to bed and read a book or something!
  • Don’t help yourself to the last bit of toast, bread, tea, biscuit etc – you can always pick something up at the local corner shop.

Listen to the full interview below.