How did television change the world?

An exploration of some of the best new history books

This month's book special sees Patrick Geoghegan delve into an extraordinary range of subjects.

Opening the show is Dr Robert Forczyk's We March Against England, a wonderful exploration of Operation Sea Lion from more than the British perspective.

Patrick then talks with Diarmuid Peavoy about the life and amazing work of Mary Lavin, his mother-in-law. One of Ireland's greatest women of letters this interview looks at how Mary has thrived in a male dominated world and New Island's new collections that look to introduce her to a new audience.

Keeping with the world of great Irish writers, Patrick talks to Norma Clarke about her new biography of Oliver Goldsmith and his time spent in the impoverished Grub Street before making it as one of London's foremost men of letters.

Bringing the show to a close is an interview with the acclaimed historian and film critic, David Thomson. Speaking with Patrick about his latest book, Television: A Biography, David explores the rise of this square box and how it has come to challenge cinema as the foremost theatre for visual art and culture.