Hook's Books - The pocket paperbacks you need to get your hands on

Susan Walsh of Dubray Books joins George every week on High Noon

Every Wednesday on High Noon, George joins Susan Walsh of Dubray Books, in her store, to look at an array of books that you should read as soon as possible.

This week's focus was on pocket paperbacks, and the recommendations from George and Susan are below.

  • 'The Green Road' by Anne Enright
  • 'The Girl on the Train' by Paula Hawkins
  • 'Victim without a Face' by Stephen Ahnhem
  • 'Thirteen Ways of Looking' by Colum McCann
  • 'Ardennes 1944' by Anthony Beevor
  • 'Silence' by Shusaku Endo

Listen back to George and Susan discuss the books below.