Homelessness and mental health

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New Focus Ireland figures issued this week report that 83 families became homeless in February. These latest figures mean that 208 families and 363 children have now become homeless in just the first two months of this year as a record total of 125 families became homeless in January.

In 2015 a total of 739 families became homeless.

Joining Dil to discuss,

Mike Allen, Director of Advocacy with Focus Ireland.

John Boyle, Vice President of the INTO.

Andrea Koenigstofer, Counsellor with the Dublin Simon Sure Steps Counselling Service.

And we mark Transgender Day of Visibility with a discussion on support for the Transgender Community

Dil will be joined by, 

Jim Hutton, Counseller.

Broden Giambrone, Chief Executive of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI).

Cearbhall Turraoin, member of the Irish Transgender Student Alliance and one of authors of the Trans Youth Forum report.

Jay Pope, member of IndividualiTy (BeLonG To).