'His facts don't exist. That's the problem'

Notre Dame's Bob Schmuhl and Talk Media News' Chief White House Correspondent Victoria Jones assess Donald Trump first month as US President

Victoria Jones, chief White House Correspondent with Talk Media News has some wonderful stories for George on today's High Noon, as she and Notre Dame professor Bob Schmuhl looked back at an incredible 30 days of Donald Trump's US Presidency with George Hook.

Bob Schmuhl also took issue Trump's continuous use of the term 'Fake News', and wondered whether he would use that throughout his Presidency, something that could turn very dangerous.

Schmuhl recognised that previous US Presidents have accentuates facts to suit their own agenda, but he has never seen any President make things up like the present resident of the White House.

"His fact's don't exist.  That's the problem."

George, Victoria and Bob talked about Trump's executive orders, his continuing war with the media, as well as what the future may look like under his leadership.

You can listen to the full discussion by clicking below.